The Developer's Life exists due the funny/sad stories lived by developers.

The stories here are real (or not), but all the names and some facts are changed/adapted.

I'm a developer (and tech teacher), not a designer, so my draw is based on Vida de Suporte, a simple and great work.


Andre Noel has Master Degree in Computer Science and works as specialist on Trybe. He is developer and Linux user since 2002, member of Ubuntu Community. Worked many years programming software, so he uses the expertise and the fact the no one takes him serious to work with comics and humor.

He has great known in "workarounds" (the brazilian "gambiarra") and is totally moved by coffee. He is the one who move the vectors to create the webcomics. Andre is married to Raquel and father of Mateus, Gabrielle, Isabelle and Sofia.

English is not my first language, so spell/grammar mistakes are expected. Feel free to point my errors.

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